kikiarty replied to your post: its 1 37 am and i want to talk about fantrolls

I just finished my fantroll drawing WHAT A CAWINKIEDINK tell me about yoursss!!!

oh wait no i got time fo this


whole little dealy with him is he’s well

cupid-esq, he’s a shipper, like, he’s one of those shippers, dont fuck with his ships kinda thing, and he gets moody like if his feelings arent instantly reciprocated he shuts down, he also is a big show off, like “wow look i just shot clean through that bitch, can you do that, nope”. He’s really attention seeking, and likes to just stare and admire people up close and from a far, and if you dont let him he’ll hunt you down and make you let him.


  1. kikiarty said: Omg I love the cupid idea that is super cool!!! Ahhh your fantrolls are always so awesome swoons. Sorry for keeping you up omg
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